Our Ethos

At Mosney Mill we strive to do business ethically and sustainably – for the environment, our people, our customers, our suppliers and the communities we operate in.

Our Environment

Mosney Mill is Emma’s Sutton’s (Owner of Monsey Mill Ltd.) home, an 11-acre haven for flora and fauna and her inspiration for new designs and products.

The company recognises its responsibility both as custodians of the land and also to the birds, insects and animals that call Mosney their home.

The family have created areas of meadow with rough grass margins to provide safe nesting areas for the ducks, geese and pheasants that inhabit the land and annually plant a wildflower meadow to attract bees and other pollinating insects.

Our offices and stockrooms utilise solar electricity for lighting and ground source energy for heating.

Our Products


Our ceramics are hand decorated in the UK using efficient manufacturing processes. Glazes and firing techniques ensure that colours and patterns remain vibrant and our products look their best and are long lasting.


Our textiles are manufactured in the UK using reactive inks which provide superior rub and wash fastness but also conform to Oeko-tex standard 100, meaning they contain no harmful chemicals or animal products.

Fabric is sourced direct from the mill and is 100% cotton or cotton linen mix.  By the start of 2001 all fabrics will be certified organic.

As part of the digital printing process, fabrics are washed at up to 70 degrees to remove any preparation solution and unfixed

dyes. The waste water is then processed through an effluent plant and released back to public water treatment processing plants.

Everything we order is bespoke and to order, therefore we don’t have redundant stock sitting around which would eventually be thrown away.


We work with our UK based manufacturers to produce products from FSC accredited materials.

Kraft envelopes are used from recycled sources.

We develop products that have a benefit to the environment for example our Biodegradable Plantable Wildlife Seed Card Range.


Our melamine products are hand manufactured in the UK with a sustainably sourced Eucalyptus board base, as opposed to a powdered melamine formula.

Our melamine products have a full melamine surface and are extremely durable products able to withstand temperatures of up to 145 degrees. They are easily wiped clean and will give years of service is easily wiped clean and with very little care will give many years of service.

Our Packaging

We are always looking to upgrade and improve our packaging and we recycle as much as possible.

We source environmentally friendly cardboard and paper, FSC certified for our packaging and wrapping.

Compostable wrappers are utilised for our Seed Card Ranges.

We are working towards eliminating the use of all single use plastics.

Date: GBM Version 2 – August 2021

Review: April 2022