Robin Tea Towel (Ecru)

£8.32 (ex. VAT)
Robin Tea Towel (Ecru)
A beautifully seasonal cheerful dash of colour for your kitchen, natural cotton tea towel patterned with Mosney robins. What could be better for drying up your Christmas pots or indeed, drying your pots at any time of the year? This quality, cotton panama tea towel is stylishly finished with Mosney Mills label and is hard wearing and durable. To keep you tea towels in tiptop condition, please machine wash at 40 degrees. Reshape while still wet and line dry. If you want your towels looking pristine, iron while still slightly damp. As with all cotton products, the pattern will fade over time, but like well cared for, quality leather boots, we feel your tea towel will age well. 
Length: 72cm
Width: 47cm
Colour: Natural, Ecru
Weight: 0.11kg
Product Code: RTT00