Robin Oven Mitt

£6.67 (ex. VAT)
Robin Oven Mitt
Emmaâs favourite, Mosney Bob, the perfectly round Robin, dances nicely across the natural cotton of our oven mitt, happily protecting your hands from hot pots & pans. We hope you love your Mosney Mill oven mitts as much as we do! Make sure you get the most out of them by looking after them properly. We advise you machine wash your oven mitt at 40 degrees. Reshape while still wet and dry flat. If you want your oven mitts looking pristine, iron while still slightly damp. As with all cotton products, the pattern will fade over time, but like well cared for, quality leather boots, we feel your oven mitts will age well. To avoid premature aging, please DO NOT tumble dry!
Product Code: ROM00