Pheasant Hob Cover (Sage Green)

£14.16 (ex. VAT)
Pheasant Hob Cover (Sage Green)
Sold as separates, our hob covers are thermally insulated to help keep the heat in, they also help to keep your Aga lids scratch free. Swoosh's of cock pheasants in a glorious repeating pattern as bright as the game bird itself, on a delightful sage green coloured background. To keep your hob covers as beautiful as they are functional, we recommend the following TLC every now and then¦ Machine wash your cover at 40 degrees. Re-shape it while wet & dry flat. If you really want to show some love, iron your hob cover while itâs still slightly damp. As with all cotton products, the pattern will fade over time, but like well cared for, quality leather boots, we feel your hob cover will age well. To avoid premature aging, please DO NOT tumble dry!
Diameter: 37cm
Colour: Green, Sage Green
Safety Regulations: BS6526-1998
Weight: 0.13kg
Product Code: PHSGC01