At Mosney Mill there are so many beautiful animals roaming the grounds, each with their own loveable characters, many of which have inspired Emma’s collections.

Here’s a note from Emma to introduce each one to you!


Meet Mosney Bob! I love robins. After a really sad time in my life a little robin followed me around for days. Every time I left the house he was there twittering away, bobbing from fence post to fence post, making me smile & filling me with hope. Bob twitters to me each morning from the tree above the chicken coop. He watches me tend to our rabble of livestock, knowing all too well I’ll have a handful of seed or a mealworm or two to leave on a fence post for him. Bob adorns a selection of Mosney Mill goodies. He’s a real feature here at Mosney, and I hope he will become a much loved part of your home too.


The very first time I set foot on Mosney ground, it was so over grown you really couldn’t see more than a few metres in front of you. I was walking Finlay our Labrador and two Roedeer leapt out majestically in front of me, if I’d held out my hand I could have touched them. I don’t know who was more shocked, the deer, myself or Fin! There haven’t been many days since then, that we haven’t had a visit from the deer. I regularly sit in the garden sketching & photographing tem. A collection of these sketches appear on my wallpaper and Deer fabric ranges. The deer head image appears on a range of Mosney goodies with a gently humorous play on the word ‘deer’. My particular favourite is the “Take a Note Deer’ Exercise book.

I hope you enjoy him.


Meet Reg and his friends! My dad works tirelessly on the land, clearing ditches and building wildlife attractions. One of his most successful additions to Mosney has been a large pond with an island on it. Moorhens and Mallards are regulars, but this year a family of Canadian Geese who usually visit in spring to rear their goslings on the river in front of us, decided to use the pond as their nursery. My kind dad took to feeding them all, using an old tin chicken feeder. Every morning he would set off across the fields’ with an enamel bucket full of duck feed. He’d never get more than a few meters into his journey before Reg and his harem of lady pheasant would appear from the woodlands and waddle behind him. This was a wonderful sight to see and it gave me many wonderful opportunities to sketch Reg in all his splendour. By the time autumn arrived he was a slightly rotund but very pleasant pheasant indeed!

My mum and dad love the Pheasant range. The wallpaper adorns their dining room overlooking the fields where Reg regularly roams.

Bird & Butterfly

This design was inspired by the springtime view from my studio window. I’m lucky enough to see directly into the canopy of a hawthorn tree. It’s a hive of activity in there, full of all kinds of bid life. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to sit and stare into their little work, dipping biscuits into my cup of tea while I should be working!

At the moment I have been really strict with myself and not allowed many of my plans for this range to see the light f day, but wait until spring & like the blossom on the hawthorn tree and the bird life it harbours, this range will explode onto a magnificent range of goodies, and I can’t wait!